Vocabulary Words with Meanings and Sentences PDF

5000 Vocabulary Words With Sentence & Meaning PDF

Vocabulary Words with Meanings and Sentences PDF

Vocabulary Words with Meanings and Sentences:- One of the best and most efficient ways to  and build up your vocabulary is to see how they are used in a sentence. Learning words by seeing how they are used in a sentence is called Vocabulary in context . It is considered much more efficient than just memorizing the word and its meanings. It’s also much more interesting. When you learn vocabulary in context, you look at the word and its meaning, then read or hear a sentence that uses that word. This helps you internalize the meaning of the word and can also help you see how to use that word to make your own sentences. So, you are not just improving your vocabulary, you are also picking up grammar tips as well.

In this post, we’re going to show you 500 words with their meanings and sentences. We’re also going to provide you with a pdf file of the words and their meanings and the example sentences at the end of this post.

Questions And Answer

1. Accommodate


This is a verb that means that you gave consideration to someone. It’s often used to say that you agreed to a request.


The shopkeeper accommodated Jack’s request to buy a toothbrush, even if he was already closing up.

2. Advantageous


This is an adjective that means that you gave or were given an advantage. It is a synonym  for favorable.


They specifically looked for a hostel near the train station as it would be advantageous for their travel plans.

3. Absolve


This verb is used to say that you have forgiven someone or decided that they are not guilty


After listening to their story, the policeman absolved them and turned their attention to the truck driver.

4. Antidote


An antidote is a noun that means something that will relieve or counteract the negative effects of something. It’s commonly used to talk about a cure for poison.


A stroll in the sunny park was the perfect antidote to Mark’s bad mood.

5. Boredom


You can use this noun to say that you, or someone else, are very disinterested in what is happening or about the current state of affairs. Most of the time, people who are suffering from boredom need to try something new.


Boredom drove me to finally pursue my dream of learning Russian.

6. Broach


You can use this verb if you want to say that someone introduced a topic into the conversation.


The teacher broached the subject about different swear words in Chinese.

7. Clannish


This adjective is used to describe a group of people who are very close and as such rather closed off or standoffish towards others.


Their clannish behavior makes it hard to approach them to ask for help.

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Question: 1


(A) Dullness

(B) Skillfulness

(C) Certainty

(D) Sentimental

Ans: A


Clearly Dullness is the antonym of INGENUITY

Question: 2


(A) Open

(B) Languid

(C) Strong

(D) Bright

Ans: B


Clearly Languid is a antonym of Vivacious

Question: 3


(A) Unwanted

(B) Indecent

(C) Unhealthy

(D) Dirty

Ans: B


Clearly Indecent is the Synonym of Obscene

Question: 4


(A) Assemble

(B) Distribute

(C) Memory

(D) Forget

Ans: D


Clearly Forget is a antonym of Recollect

Question: 5


(A) Sad

(B) Merry

(C) Serious

(D) Noisy

Ans: B


Clearly Merry is a synonym of Festal

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