Most Vocabulary Words with Meanings and Sentences For SSC

Most Vocabulary Words with Meanings and Sentences For SSC

Most Vocabulary Words with Meanings and Sentences For SSC

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Serendipity (noun):
Meaning: The occurrence of finding pleasant or valuable things by chance in a happy and unexpected way.
Example sentence: Meeting my old friend at the airport was a delightful serendipity during my otherwise dull layover.

Ephemeral (adjective):
Meaning: Lasting for a very short period; transient; fleeting.
Example sentence: The beauty of the cherry blossoms is ephemeral; they bloom for just a few weeks each spring.

Ambivalent (adjective):
Meaning: Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.
Example sentence: Sarah felt ambivalent about her new job offer because it offered a higher salary but involved a longer commute.

Enigmatic (adjective):
Meaning: Mysterious, puzzling, difficult to understand.
Example sentence: The hieroglyphics on the ancient artifact remained enigmatic, confounding archaeologists for years.

Petrichor (noun):
Meaning: The pleasant, earthy smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell.
Example sentence: As soon as the petrichor filled the air, we knew that the long-awaited rain had finally arrived.

Mellifluous (adjective):
Meaning: Sweet-sounding, pleasing to the ear, smooth and rich in tone.
Example sentence: The singer’s mellifluous voice captivated the audience and left them in awe.

Perfunctory (adjective):
Meaning: Done with little effort or care, merely as a formality.
Example sentence: The employee gave a perfunctory apology after arriving late to the meeting for the third time that week.

Cacophony (noun):
Meaning: A harsh, jarring mixture of sounds; loud, discordant noise.
Example sentence: The construction site was filled with the cacophony of jackhammers and heavy machinery.

Ineffable (adjective):
Meaning: Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words; beyond description.
Example sentence: The sight of the sunrise over the mountains left her with an ineffable sense of wonder.

Nebulous (adjective):
Meaning: Hazy, vague, or indistinct; lacking definite form or limits.
Example sentence: The candidate’s promises were nebulous and lacked concrete plans for implementation.

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Vocabulary Words with Meanings and Sentences Questions

1. Accommodate


This is a verb that means that you gave consideration to someone. It’s often used to say that you agreed to a request.


The shopkeeper accommodated Jack’s request to buy a toothbrush, even if he was already closing up.

2. Advantageous


This is an adjective that means that you gave or were given an advantage. It is a synonym  for favorable.


They specifically looked for a hostel near the train station as it would be advantageous for their travel plans.

3. Absolve


This verb is used to say that you have forgiven someone or decided that they are not guilty


After listening to their story, the policeman absolved them and turned their attention to the truck driver.

4. Antidote


An antidote is a noun that means something that will relieve or counteract the negative effects of something. It’s commonly used to talk about a cure for poison.


A stroll in the sunny park was the perfect antidote to Mark’s bad mood.

5. Boredom


You can use this noun to say that you, or someone else, are very disinterested in what is happening or about the current state of affairs. Most of the time, people who are suffering from boredom need to try something new.


Boredom drove me to finally pursue my dream of learning Russian.

6. Broach


You can use this verb if you want to say that someone introduced a topic into the conversation.


The teacher broached the subject about different swear words in Chinese.

7. Clannish


This adjective is used to describe a group of people who are very close and as such rather closed off or standoffish towards others.


Their clannish behavior makes it hard to approach them to ask for help.

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Question: 1


(A) Dullness

(B) Skillfulness

(C) Certainty

(D) Sentimental

Ans: A


Clearly Dullness is the antonym of INGENUITY

Question: 2


(A) Open

(B) Languid

(C) Strong

(D) Bright

Ans: B


Clearly Languid is a antonym of Vivacious

Question: 3


(A) Unwanted

(B) Indecent

(C) Unhealthy

(D) Dirty

Ans: B


Clearly Indecent is the Synonym of Obscene

Question: 4


(A) Assemble

(B) Distribute

(C) Memory

(D) Forget

Ans: D


Clearly Forget is a antonym of Recollect

Question: 5


(A) Sad

(B) Merry

(C) Serious

(D) Noisy

Ans: B


Clearly Merry is a synonym of Festal

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