Idioms and Phrases Meaning in Hindi PDF Download

Idioms and Phrases Meaning in Hindi PDF Download

Idioms and Phrases Meaning in Hindi PDF Download

Idiom and Phrases PDF with Hindi Meaning Free Download:- Today, we are sharing important and easy words meaning Idioms and phrases with Hindi meaning pdf download for you. This Idioms and Phrases with Hindi and English Meaning PDF Downloads can prove to be important for the preparation of upcoming government exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams. Important 1000+ Idioms and Phrases PDF Download Best Notes Idioms & Phrases For Bank Exams are very important for any Sarkari exam. is an online educational website, where we are sharing 1000 Idioms and Phrases PDF Questions For SSC, Bank, and Insurance Exams. Our idioms and phrases meaning in Hindi pdf download are very simple and easy to understand. We also cover basic subjects like Mathematics, Geography, History, Politics, etc. We also share study material including previous year question papers, current affairs, important sources, etc. for upcoming government exams. Our Idiom and Phrases PDF with Hindi Meaning Free Download PDF will help you prepare for any SARKARI EXAM.

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Idioms and Phrases With Meaning

  • किसी से दुश्मनी मोल लेना – Fall foul of – If this new clerk continues with his criticism like this he will soon fall foul of the manager.
  • सहमत होना – Fall in with – He found my plan very profitable and so readily fell in with it.
  • नसीब में होना – Fall to one’s lot – I fell to my lot to become a writer.
  • पारिवारिक समानता – Family likeness – There is a family likeness between the two cousins.
  • धीरे-धीरे प्रगति करना – Gain ground – India lost the first two matches, but began to gain ground gradually.
  • आगे निकल जाना – Get ahead of – Ramesh has got ahead of Karan in mathematics.
  • बदला लेना – Get even with – The other day Karan made a fool of Rakesh. And now Karan wants to get even with him.
  • मतलब समझ पाना – Get bold of – I was quite for from the stage and couldn’t get hold of what the speaker was saying.
  • झंझट में पड़ना – Get into a soup – You will get into a soup if you neglect your studies like this.
  • छुटकारा पाना – Get rid of – Don’t ask what all I had to do to get rid of a bore like Rohan.
  • काम पूरा करना – Get through with – When will you get through with your homework.
  • रहस्य का पता लगाना – Get wind of – There was a well-guarded conspiracy, but somehow the government got wind of it.
  • अवसर देना – Give a break – Would you like to give me a break.
  • कोसना – Give a peace of mind – He is so negligent in his work that I had to give him a piece of my mind.
  • कोई भी खतरा मोल लेना – Go through fire and water – A patriot is ready to go through fire and water to serve his motherland.
  • जो कुछ हुआ है और उसे बदला नहीं जा सकता है – Water under the bridge : They should probably have asked for higher salary when they were offered the job, but that’s water under the bridge now.
  • सफलतापूर्वक समाप्त – Work out : I hope that everything works out well for my sister who is moving to America next week.
  • नीचे और भी Idioms and phrases meaning in Hindi दिए जा रहे हैं; इन्हें आप ध्यान से पढ़ें और इनका प्रयोग अंंग्रेजी बोलने में करेे.
  • कोई काम अंत तक करते रहना – Go through with – Do you have the determination enough to go through with this job.
  • कानून का सहारा लेना – Go to law – In India, people go to law on very petty issues.
  • कोई काम ध्यानपूर्वक करना – Go to town – The interior decorator went to town on my flat and made it like a place.
  • बहुत मात्रा में – Good deal – This sofa set has cost me a good deal of money.
  • प्रसन्नचित होना – Good humour – He has got a promotion today so he is in good humour.
  • बड़े जोर-जोर से – Hammer and tongs – The opposition went for the government’s policies hammer and tongs.
  • बहुत नाजुक स्थिति में होना – Hang by a thread – Ramesh has been badly injured in the train accident and he is still hanging by a thread.
  • कुछ हद तक बहरा – Hard of hearing – You will have to speak a little louder, as Mr. Roa is hard of hearing.
  • रुपयों की तंगी होना – Hard up – Ever since he has left his job he has been quite hard up.
  • अक्सर, बधुआ – Every Now and then – We are very good friends and visit each other, every Now and then.
  • तंग आ जाना – Fed up with – I am Fed up with this daily drudgery.
  • भाईचारा, अपनापन – Yellow feeling – One should have fellow feelings for all.
  • जानकारी देना – Fill one in – As Ramesh could not attend the meeting He asked me to Fill him in.
  • राजी होना, दिल करना – Have a mind – He can be very funny If he has a mind.
  • आराम होना – Have an easy time of it – As long as Mr. Narayan was there as the manager the staff had an easy time of it, but now things have changed.
  • निर्दोष पाना – Have clean hands – You can’t suspect him of taking bribery. I am sure his hands are clean.
  • कोई काम हांथ में होना – Have in hand – What job do you have in hand at present.
  • झगड़ा करना – Have it out with – I am sure he has cheated me, and I am going to have it out with him.
  • अपनी ही बात करना – Have one’s way – Little children must have their way in everything.
  • एक ही साथ अनेक काम करने की कोशिश करना – Have too many irons in the fire – Beware of your health breaking down under the strain of overwork, I think you have too many irons in the fire.
  • ऐश आराम की जिन्दगी – High living – Many diseases are brought on by high living.
  • ठीक समय होना – High time – It is high time to get up.
  • घुल-मिल जाना – Hot it off – She and her husband do not seem to hit it off.
  • खामोश रहना – Hold one’s tongue – She talked so much that I had to ask her to hold her tongue.
  • रिश्वत – Hush money – A lot of hush money passed between the minister and his favourite business house.

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English Questions And Answer 

1. To talk one’s head off
a. To shout loudly
b. To talk in whispers
c. To talk to oneself
d. To talk excessively

Answer: d. To talk excessively
Explanation: E.g. I would like to visit my grandfather more often, but he talks his head off every time I visit him.

2. To play fast and loose
a. To trust others
b. To be undependable
c. To cheat people
d. To hurt somebody’s feelings
e. To be quick

Answer: b. To be undependable

Explanation: E.g. The drama was very entertaining even though it played fast and loose with the true story.

3. To talk through one’s hat
a. To speak fluently
b. To talk nonsense
c. To talk wisely
d. To speak randomly

Answer: b. To talk nonsense

Explanation: E.g. My friends generally avoid her because, she always talks through her hat.

4. To snap one’s fingers
a. To grasp eagerly
b. To speak abruptly
c. To accept immediately
d. To become contemptuous of

Answer: d. To become contemptuous of
Explanation: E.g. He was snapping his fingers in time with the music.

5. To spill the beans
a. To misbehave
b. To great obstructions
c. To keep secrets
d. To reveal secret information

Answer: d. To reveal secret information

Explanation: E.g. My brother spilled the beans about the surprise party planned for our parents, by telling them during a conversation last night.

6. To save one’s face
a. To hide oneself
b. To oppose
c. To evade disgrace
d. To protect

Answer: c. To evade disgrace
Explanation: E.g. His mother was more interested in saving face, than accepting the truth about her mischievous son.

7. To throw dust in one’s eyes
a. To cheat someone
b. To make blind
c. To harm someone
d. To mislead

Answer: d. To mislead
Explanation: E.g. The salesman threw dust in his eyes and sold the dress for a higher price.

8. To get into hot waters
a. To be impatient
b. To get into trouble
c. To suffer financially
d. To be in a confused

Answer: b. To get into trouble
Explanation: E.g. She found herself in hot water over her comments on Facebook about a political issue.

9. To be rolling in money
a. Very rich
b. Borrowing money
c. Wasting money
d. Spending more than his income

Answer: a. Very rich
Explanation: E.g. If they can donate Rs. 5 lakhs for charity, they must be rolling in money.

10. To be lost in the cloud
a. To be perplexed
b. To daydream
c. To meet with one’s death
d. To find oneself in a very uncomfortable position

Answer: a. To be perplexed
Explanation: E.g. My friend sometimes gets lost in the clouds, in recognizing my twin sisters.

11. Hush money
a. Money overdue
b. Easy money
c. Bribe paid to secure silence
d. Money earned by illegally

Answer: c. Bribe paid to secure silence
Explanation: E.g. My dad’s friend was suspended for accepting hush money.

12. To pull one’s socks up
a. To depart
b. To interfere
c. To try hard
d. To prepare

Answer: c. To try hard
Explanation: E.g. He must pull his socks up, if he wants to achieve success.

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