Idioms and Phrases in English Notes Pdf

Idioms and Phrases in English Notes Pdf

Idioms and Phrases PDF

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English Idioms Notes for Competitive Exams PDF:- Today, we are sharing English Grammar books in PDF for you. This Idioms and Phrases PDF can prove to be important for the preparation of upcoming government exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams. Complete List of English Idioms PDF for all Competitive Exams is very important for any Competitive Exams.

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Practice these Idioms and Phrases – Verbal Ability Questions and Answers and evaluate your readiness before you appear for any competitive exam. Consisting of objective type questions, this test presents you questions followed by four options. The correct answer, meaning, explanation and example provided with each question make it easier for you to to understand and use them effectively. Who are these Idioms and Phrases Questions designed for Anyone interested in improving their communication skills will find this list of idioms and phrases questions interesting. However, all the freshers and students preparing for their competitive exams like MBA, NMAT, CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, MHCET, Banking exams, IBPS, SBI, RRB, SSB, SSC, RBI, UPSC etc. will find this collection of questions on idioms with explanation especially useful.

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English Grammar Questions And Answer

Directions: Choose the alternative that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom.

1. To talk one’s head off
a. To shout loudly
b. To talk in whispers
c. To talk to oneself
d. To talk excessively

Answer: d. To talk excessively

Explanation: E.g. I would like to visit my grandfather more often, but he talks his head off every time I visit him.

2. To play fast and loose
a. To trust others
b. To be undependable
c. To cheat people
d. To hurt somebody’s feelings
e. To be quick


Answer: b. To be undependable

Explanation: E.g. The drama was very entertaining even though it played fast and loose with the true story.

3. To talk through one’s hat
a. To speak fluently
b. To talk nonsense
c. To talk wisely
d. To speak randomly

Answer: b. To talk nonsense

Explanation: E.g. My friends generally avoid her because, she always talks through her hat.

4. To snap one’s fingers
a. To grasp eagerly
b. To speak abruptly
c. To accept immediately
d. To become contemptuous of

Answer: d. To become contemptuous of

Explanation: E.g. He was snapping his fingers in time with the music.

5. To spill the beans
a. To misbehave
b. To great obstructions
c. To keep secrets
d. To reveal secret information

Answer: d. To reveal secret information

Explanation: E.g. My brother spilled the beans about the surprise party planned for our parents, by telling them during a conversation last night.

6. To save one’s face
a. To hide oneself
b. To oppose
c. To evade disgrace
d. To protect

Answer: c. To evade disgrace

Explanation: E.g. His mother was more interested in saving face, than accepting the truth about her mischievous son.

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Questions And Answer

Directions: Choose the alternative that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom.

7. To throw dust in one’s eyes

a. To cheat someone
b. To make blind
c. To harm someone
d. To mislead

Answer: d. To mislead

Explanation: E.g. The salesman threw dust in his eyes and sold the dress for a higher price.

8. To get into hot waters
a. To be impatient
b. To get into trouble
c. To suffer financially
d. To be in a confused

Answer: b. To get into trouble

Explanation: E.g. She found herself in hot water over her comments on Facebook about a political issue.

9. To be rolling in money

a. Very rich
b. Borrowing money
c. Wasting money
d. Spending more than his income

Answer: a. Very rich

Explanation: E.g. If they can donate Rs. 5 lakhs for charity, they must be rolling in money.

10. To be lost in the cloud
a. To be perplexed
b. To daydream
c. To meet with one’s death
d. To find oneself in a very uncomfortable position

Answer: a. To be perplexed

Explanation: E.g. My friend sometimes gets lost in the clouds, in recognizing my twin sisters.

11. Hush money
a. Money overdue
b. Easy money
c. Bribe paid to secure silence
d. Money earned by illegally

Answer: c. Bribe paid to secure silence

Explanation: E.g. My dad’s friend was suspended for accepting hush money.

12. To pull one’s socks up

a. To depart
b. To interfere
c. To try hard
d. To prepare

Answer: c. To try hard

Explanation: E.g. He must pull his socks up, if he wants to achieve success.

Directions: Choose the alternative that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom.

13. To bite one’s lips

a. To gossip
b. To have doubt
c. To feel sorry
d. To be angry
Answer: d. To be angry

Explanation: E.g. He didn’t like the management of the business but he had to bite his lip.

14. To blow hot and cold

a. To be inconsistent
b. Changing weather
c. To be definite
d. To be rich and poor frequently

Answer: a. To be inconsistent

Explanation: E.g. He kept blowing hot and cold about the idea of pursuing higher studies abroad.

15. To see eye to eye with
a. To love someone
b. To agree
c. To be angry
d. To take revenge
Answer: b. To agree

Explanation: E.g. His friends never see eye to eye with his decisions.

16. A tall order
a. A big issue
b. A royal disperse
c. A task difficult
d. A big demand
Answer: c. A task difficult

Explanation: E.g. Learning English in one month will be a tall order for him.

17. To lose face
a. To be humiliated
b. To look furious
c. To be helpless
d. To be disturbed

Answer: a. To be humiliated

Explanation: E.g. You will lose face, if you deal with illegal business.

18. To drink like a fish
a. To be very hungry
b. To drink little
c. To be greedy
d. To be a drunkard

Answer: d. To be a drunkard

Explanation: E.g. He has been drinking like a fish, please stop him

19. To push someone to the wall
a. To pester him
b. To knock him down
c. To defeat him
d. To humiliate
Answer: c. To defeat him

Explanation: E.g. In last few minutes, he pushed him to the wall and won the title.

20. Bare your teeth
a. To face difficulties
b. To threaten
c. To be humble
d. To contempt
Answer: b. To threaten

Explanation: E.g. The little girl cried when the dog bared its teeth and growled.

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