English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam

English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam

English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam

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English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam- This English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam !! English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam is very simple, step-by-step method that will increase your knowledge and mastery of the English Language. You will learn Speak and write with confidence, Read more effectively and efficiently, Learn quickly, Develop social contacts and Increase your earning power. English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam for upcoming examination like IBPS PO, SSC CGL, LDC, LIC, FCI, DRDO, UPSC, TET, UPPCS, MPTET, DDA, AAI, DSSSB, RPSC, ALL STATE PCS EXAM.

English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Bank Exam like Banking, SSC and Other Competitive Exam. In this basic English grammar notes pdf free Download PDF we have taken all the root English grammar pdf notes free download with vocabulary based on that root and compiled in a PDF to provide the list of Important vocabulary in fewer pages and in short notes form to remember it easily. English Grammar Made Easy The Most Effective Vocabulary Builder in the English Language. SSC CGL It will help you in all the competitive exams especially in SSC-CGL, IBPS PO, SBI PO, and Other Competitive Exams.

English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam book is Offering a step-by-step method to increase the reader’s knowledge of the English language, SSC CGL this book provides a carefully structured series of chapters that deal with different language areas, and builds confidence in the use of English with numerous tests in each section. English Grammar Handwritten Notes for SSC CGL Exam It will encourage the reader to speak and write with confidence, read more effectively and efficiently and to pronounce and spell correctly.

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English Grammar Notes PDF Question Answer

Q.1 : The entire nation grieved over the death of the prime minister.
(a) cried
(b) wept
(c) mourned
(d) harrashed
Answer : mourned

Q.2 : He did not pay any heed to my advice.
(a) respect
(b) caution
(c) attention
(d) none of these
Answer : attention

Q.3 : He is of a very affable nature.
(a) pleasant
(b) humble
(c) irriting
(d) quarrelsome
Answer : pleasant

Q.4 : He is very polite to his parents and treats them with deference.
(a) respect
(b) prayer
(c) diffculty
(d) pride
Answer : respect

Q.5 : The american flag is ………………white and blue.
(a) red
(b) white
(c) black
(d) blue
Answer : red

Q.6 : He always makes so much noise when he …………………………..,
(a) chews
(b) choose
(c) chewed
(d) cheau
Answer : chews

Q.7 : Tolstory was a ………………..russian writer
(a) grate
(b) gerat
(c) great
(d) greet
Answer : great

Q.8 : A female sheep is called a ……………..
(a) ewe
(b) you
(c) in
(d) the
Answer : ewe

Q.9 : You should act bravely …………….difficulties.
(a) in the hope of
(b) in the rear of
(c) in the face of
(d) in the teeth of
Answer : in the face of

Q.10 : He was ………………crying.
(a) on the part of
(b) on the point of
(c) on the ground of
(d) none of these
Answer : on the point of

Q.11 : He refused to attend the meeting…………………..his illness.
(a) on part of
(b) on point of
(c) on the ground of
(d) with a view to
Answer : on the ground of

Q.12 : A kind of large flower that grows in water.
(a) rose
(b) lotus
(c) sunflower
(d) lilly
Answer : lotus

Q.13 : Ground military operation with a set purpose is called.
(a) attack
(b) campaign
(c) defeat
(d) retreat
Answer : campaign

Q.14 : Someone who offer himself to do something without being paid.
(a) volunteer
(b) leader
(c) preacher
(d) servant
Answer : volunteer

Q.15 : A person who lives next door is called.
(a) friend
(b) neighbour
(c) lover
(d) relative
Answer : neighbour

Q.16 : A person who flies an aeroplane is called.
(a) driver
(b) crew
(c) pilot
(d) captain
Answer : pilot

Q.17 : A place where all kinds of pleasures are available.
(a) circus
(b) cinema hall
(c) theatre
(d) paradise
Answer : paradise

Q.18 : A place where birds from many countries come for shelter is called.
(a) resting
(b) neat
(c) sanctuary
(d) migration
Answer : sanctuary

Q.19 : Stories handed down form older times containing early belifes of a race are called.
(a) tales
(b) hearsay
(c) myths
(d) false
Answer : myths

Q.20 : A dishonest person who plays tricks on other is called,
(a) helper
(b) rogue
(c) robber
(d) decoit
Answer : rogue

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Most Important English Grammar Question Answer

Q.21 : Time duration when a team is batting is called,
(a) batting time
(b) bowling time
(c) innings
(d) filding
Answer : batting time

Q.22 : Remaims of very old plants and animals are called.
(a) symbols
(b) signs
(c) fossils
(d) old stuff
Answer : fossils

Q.23 : When we save some thing from injury or decay we are …….it.
(a) preserving
(b) saving
(c) creating
(d) decomposing
Answer : preserving

Q.24 : A place where bees live and store honey called.
(a) hive
(b) nest
(c) cottage
(d) tree
Answer : hive

Q.25 : To make environment dirty and unhealthy is called.
(a) pollute
(b) dameg
(c) global warming
(d) slumps
Answer : pollute

Q.26 : Mainbody of salt water on earth is known as.
(a) river
(b) ocean
(c) tank
(d) lake
Answer : ocean

Q.27 : A place where young plants are raised is called.
(a) park
(b) garden
(c) nursery
(d) forest
Answer : nursery

Q.28 : A substance which causes death if absorbed by living beings.
(a) oil
(b) poison
(c) milk
(d) drugs
Answer : poison

Q.29 : A person who composes epics lyrics etc is called.
(a) novelist
(b) acritic
(c) poet
(d) an autobiographer
Answer : poet

Q.30 : He didn`t eat his …………….dessert.
(a) portion
(b) proportin
(c) ark
(d) are
Answer : portion

Q.31 : What …………..you doing tonight.
(a) are
(b) our
(c) hour
(d) in
Answer : are

Q.32 : The two younger ones decided…………..themselves to clear the kitchen.
(a) bitwin
(b) between
(c) among
(d) allternatively
Answer : between

Q.33 : It`s time to…………our by laws.
(a) amend
(b) mend
(c) emend
(d) altar
Answer : amend

Q.34 : He was under the………….that he could ply.
(a) allusion
(b) illusion
(c) delusion
(d) elusion
Answer : delusion

Q.35 : No one under 18 in……………,
(a) aloud
(b) allowed
(c) allot
(d) none of these
Answer : allowed

Q.36 : …………..people are doing business online today.
(a) a lot
(b) alot
(c) allot
(d) ab
Answer : a lot

Q.37 : Strong emotions can ……….your health.
(a) impect
(b) affact
(c) effect
(d) averse
Answer : affact

Q.38 : The weather conditions forced them to then turn back.
(a) aide
(b) averse
(c) adverse
(d) none of these
Answer : adverse

Q.39 : What is the………….for the meeting tomorrow
(a) agenda
(b) addenda
(c) aid
(d) aad
Answer : agenda

Q.40 : It is illegal to…………….the speed limit.
(a) accede
(b) exceede
(c) assess
(d) access
Answer : exceede

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