Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022

Disha General Science Book PDF Free Download 2023

Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022

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Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022:-Today we sharing Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022. This Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022 for upcoming examination like UPSC, SSC CGL, NTPC,M DSSSB, DDA, MCD, BRO, LIC, SSC GD, RAS, BANK, UPPCS, CTET, REET, 1ST Grade Teacher,  ALL STATE PCS EXAM. This pdf contains physics notes pdf download, physics handwritten for SSC, General Science notes for competitive exam, भौतिक विज्ञान , class 12 physics handwritten notes in Hindi , physics study material for SSC CGL , General Science for railway exams, general science- physics notes pdf।

Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022 || Most Important Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022 for Railway NTPC & SSC CGL, UPSC, LIC, SSC GD, DSSSB, MCD, DDA, PSU, ALL STATE PCS EXAM, First of all we want to thank you that all of you keep visiting our website continuously and and by us these Physics handwritten notes for competitive exams pdf in Hindi, General Science Notes in Hindi PDF , General Science One Liner Notes In Hindi, keep on reading Physics Question In Hindi and in the same way, apart from this subject, you will continue to read the notes of all other subjects and keep upgrading your knowledge and due to this there will be a continuous increase in knowledge. You know that we are constantly providing you study material for all of you keeping in view your need. And we will continue to do like this in future as well, this is our promise to you.

Disha General Science Compendium PDF Download 2022 General Science is a very broad branch, in this branch the study of living beings is done, this branch is a much more extensive branch. Therefore, this branch has been divided into different parts, the complete list of which you will get at the end of this article or in PDF. Would like to tell you that in General Science, from the cellular structure of organisms to their interrelationship with their General Science, complete study is done. And it is necessary for this to understand General Science and all its sub-branches.

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One Liner Related Physics General Science Questions

Q.1 Which gas is most popular as laughing gas?

Ans . Nitrous oxide
Q.2 Electromagnetic Field concept was observed and discovered by whom?

Ans . James Hargreaves
Q.3 The BrahMos Missile was developed by which country?

Ans . Developed with Joint venture of India and Russia
Q.4 The ‘Concept of Inertia’ was developed by?

Ans . Galileo
Q.5 For the cultivation, name the crop required of water-logging?

Ans . Rice

Q.6 Who achieved the discovery of ‘Vitamin C’?

Ans . Albert Szent
Q.7 What is the purest form of Iron?

Ans . Wrought Iron
Q.8 What is the name of NASA Mars Rover and when its landed on MARS?

Ans . Curiosity (Launched on November 26, 2011, Landed on MARS – 6th August 2012)

Q.9 What is the speed of Earth around sun?

Ans . 30 km/sec
Q.10 In our solar system the MARS is fourth planet according to sequences but how many moons has ‘Planet MARS’?

Ans . 2
Q.11 To measure the Humidity in air, what instrument used?

Ans . Hygrograph
Q.12 Splitting of light into its constituent colors is known as what?

Ans . Dispersion
Q.13 Basically the heavy water is used by which type of industries?

Ans . Nuclear Power Generation plants
Q.14 ‘Mechanical Clock’ made by whom?

Ans . Isaac Newton
Q.15 By which Cotton fibers are made?

Ans . Cellulose
Q.16 What is the name of the tube which connects the middle ear with the throat?

Ans . Eustachian tube

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General Science Questions

Q.17 A historical victory achieved by a Spacecraft which got Mars on its First try?

Ans . Mangalyaan (Developed by ISRO, launched on 5 November 2013, Reached – 24 September 2014)
Q.18 What is the best source of Protein?

Ans . Soybean
Q.19 ‘Energy of the Sun’ concept discovered by which scientist?

Ans . Hans Selye
Q.20 Rate of growth of the plant is measured by which instrument?

Ans . Auxanometer
Q.21 One Horsepower (1 HP) is equivalent to approximately?

Ans . 746 Watts
Q.22 Which was the first satellite of India, go into the orbit?

Ans . Aryabhata
Q.23 In human body ‘Vitamin K’ is necessary for what?

Ans . Formation of Prothrombin
Q.24 Who discovered the ‘Modern Anthropology’?

Ans . Frederick Sanger

Science Questions and Answers

Q.25 ‘White Revolution’ is related to what?

Ans . Milk Production
Q.26 A very successful invention ‘Liquid Oxygen’ discovered by whom?

Ans . Dewar
Q.27 What is the radiant energy of the sun is transmitted?

Ans . Short waves
Q.28 What is the chemical formula of ‘Sodium Hydroxide’?

Q.29 Planet ‘Uranus’ was discovered by whom?

Ans . Hideki Yukawa
Q.30 The Folded Earth book was written by?

Ans . Anuradha Roy
Q.31 Barometer was invented by?

Ans . F. Banting
Q.32 Which rays is very helpful in Long distance photography?

Ans . Infra-Red rays

Q.33 In India, who laid the foundation of Nuclear Science?

Ans . Homi J. Bhabha
Q.34 In Computer, what is the full form of UPS?

Ans . UPS = Uninterruptable Power Supply
Q.35 Which city is built on more than 100 islands?

Ans . Venice (capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region)
Q.36 Name the scientist who’s discovered the ‘Fahrenheit Scale’?

Ans . Fahrenheit
Q.37 Name of vegetable which is also known as a flower?

Ans . Broccoli
Q.38 Until in 1930, what was the highest structure in the world?

Ans . Eiffel Tower
Q.39 Highest electrical conductivity found in which element?

Ans . Silver

Science Questions and Answers

Q.40 Thermometer made first by?

Ans . Gauss

Q.41 The acid found in lemon is
Ans – Citric Acid

Q.42 Atmospheric air is the largest component of
Ans – Nitrogen (78.03 %)

Q.43Gasohol is formed
Ans – By mixing petrol and ethanol

Q.44 Blindness is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?
Ans – Vitamin- A

Q.45 There are two main allotropes of carbon
Ans – Diamond and Graphite

Q.46 The largest bone of the body is
Ans – Femur

Q.47 The total number of bones in the human body is
Ans – 206

Q.48 Light year is the unit
Ans – Distance

Q.49 The positron was discovered by
Ans- Anderson

Q.50The maximum density of water is
Ans – At 4 °C

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