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Black Book of English Vocabulary PDF 2022

Black Book of English Vocabulary Free PDF 2023 Download

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[Latest] Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF Download:- Today we are sharing the Black Book of English Vocabulary latest edition 2023
for Free which is very useful for various competitive and government job exams. As we know that vocabulary plays an important role in the English Language and Comprehension Section of any exam. With a strong vocabulary base, you can improve your English language communication skills as well. This Black Book Idioms And Phrases PDF Download is the best choice for those aspirants who are preparing for the exams conducted by SSC, IBPS, LIC, and various other exams.

This Blackbook of English vocabulary pdf 2023 book contains all the vocabulary asked in previous SSC exams and therefore, it is popular among SSC aspirants. If you go through the previous years’ papers conducted by SSC, you will notice that SSC repeat questions in their exams. Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF Download is a very useful book, especially for those candidates who are going to appear in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Stenographer, SSC GD Constable, SSC CPO, SSC JE Exams. This black book of English vocabulary 2023 books is particularly designed for those aspirants who are preparing for SSC Exams. Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF contains more than 3500+ important words (Vocabulary) that are already asked in various exams conducted by SSC. Let us have a look at the overview of the Black book of English vocabulary PDF.

There will be questions in the mind of every student why should we read this Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF and why this book is so popular among SSC Aspirants. This Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF Download is because of its content which is very useful for exams conducted by the staff selection commission (SSC). Here we have listed some key features that make it one of the best books for Vocabulary, especially for SSC Aspirants.

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Black Book of English Vocabulary With Hindi Meaning

Words With Meaning And Sentence
Some of the Vocabulary Words With Meaning And Sentences are:

Adjure (Verb):
Meaning: Formal exertion on someone to do something.
Sentence: The doctor adjured his patient to concur for heart surgery.

Badinage (Noun):
Meaning: Witty conversation.
Sentence: We had a badinage last night.

Carp (Verb):
Meaning: Complaint continually.
Sentence: Our neighbors keep caring about poor facilities in our county.

Dogmatic (Adjective):
Meaning: Thrusting one’s opinion or beliefs while reluctant to accept those of others.
Sentence: The leader seems quite dogmatic.

Effete (Adjective):
Meaning: No longer effective.
Sentence: The chamber is currently exhausted.

Fulminate (Noun):
Meaning: Protest strongly against something.
Sentence: There is always some fulmination to new rules.

Gofer (Noun):
Meaning: Person who runs errands.
Sentence: I am hunting for a gofer.

Hark (Verb):
Meaning: Remind something from the past.
Sentence: She was harking back to childhood upon seeing her school.

Ineffable (Adjective):
Meaning: Too sacred to be spoken.
Sentence: Sculptures of temple deities are impossible to be described in words.

Jink (Verb):
Meaning: Sudden quick change of direction.
Sentence: The pilot jinked the plane for an emergency landing.

Knoll (Noun):
Meaning: Small hill or mound.
Sentence: The resort is ideally located amidst knolls.

Languish (Verb):
Meaning: Be kept in an undesirable place or situation.
Sentence: He was languishing in jail.

Mettle (Noun):
Meaning: Spirit or strength during difficulty.

Sentence: One must try to practice mettle in crisis.

Black Book of English Vocabulary Meaning And Sentence is:

Nimble (Verb):
Meaning: Quick or agile in movement.
Sentence: The dwarf nimble easily through the crowd.

Oppugn (Verb):
Meaning: Question the truth or validity of something.
Sentence: Youngsters often oppugn superstitions.

Plenary (Adjective):
Meaning: Full; absolute.
Sentence: The minister has plenary powers over the state.

Quaff (Verb):
Meaning: Drink something heartily.
Sentence: The kitten quaffed its plate of milk.

Rectitude (Noun):
Meaning: Morally correct behavior.
Sentence: All always appreciate honesty.

Sartorial (Noun):
Meaning: Relating to clothes or a person’s style of dress.
Sentence: Their sartorial has been imitated around the world.

Terse (Adjective):
Meaning: Using few words or abrupt.
Sentence: It was a brief and ambiguous statement.

Uncanny (Adjective):
Meaning: Strange or mysterious.
Sentence: The portrait’s appearance was uncanny.

Vestal (Adjective):
Meaning: Chaste or pure.
Sentence: A vestal ambiance can be experienced at the shrine.

Wreathe (Verb):
Meaning: Envelope or surround.
Sentence: The cops wreathed the crime site immediately.

Xenophobia (Noun):
Meaning: Fear of people from other countries.
Sentence: Xenophobia is not a good sign.

Yonder (Adjective):
Meaning: Referring to something far away.
Sentence: Consider the yonder side of any issue before deciding.

Zilch (Adjective):
Meaning: Nil.
Sentence: Environmental concern is zilch these days

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Black Book of English Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning

  • Lend (लेंड) – उधर देना
  • Donate (डोनेट) – दान करना
  • Contribute (कंट्रीब्युट) – योगदान देना
  • Assets (एसेट्स) – सम्पति
  • Emperor (एम्परर) – सम्राट
  • Splendor (स्प्लेंडर) – वैभव
  • Majesty (मैजिस्टी) – महिमा
  • Greedy – लालची
  • Moron- निहायती बेवकूफ
  • Hungry – भूखा
  • Workaholic – जो बहुत काम करता हो ( मेहनती हो )
  • Thirsty – प्यासा
  • Famous- प्रचलित
  • Curious – उत्सुक
  • Dizzy ( डिजी ) : चक्कर आना
  • Judgement : निर्णय/न्याय/फैसला
  • Flatter : चापलूसी करना/खुशामद करना
  • Ultimately : आखिरकार / अंत में / अंततः
  • Sympathy : सहानुभूति/हमदर्दी/संवेदना/दया

Black Book of English Vocabulary With Hindi Meaning

  • Appendix Added in the end (परिशिष्ट)
  • Appetite Hunger (भूख)
  • Applaud To praise (प्रशंसा करना)
  • Apple of the eye The pupil (आँख का तारा)
  • Appliance Tools (साधन)
  • Applicable Fit to be used (काम में लाने योग्य)
  • Application Formal request (अर्जी)
  • Appoint To engage (काम में लगाना)
  • Appreciate To esteem highly (मान देना)
  • Apprehend To understand (समझना)
  • Approach Reach ( पहुँच)
  • Appropriate Fit (उचित)
  • Approval Sanction ( मंजूरी)
  • Approximate Nearest (लगभग)
  • Apt Fit (योग्य)
  • Aqua Water (जल)
  • Architect Housemaker (घर बनाने वाला)
  • Ardent Keen (उत्सुक)
  • Bold Daring (साहसी)
  • Bomb To drop explosive bomba (बम गिराना)
  • Bombastic Pompous (दिखावा)
  • Bonafide True (सत्य)
  • Bond Agreement (बंधन)
  • Bondage Slavery (गुलामी)

Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning

  • Bone A piece of skeleton (हड्डी)
  • Bony Lean and thin (दुबला पतला)
  • Bonus Share in profits (लाभ में हिस्सा)
  • Bookish Fond of books (किताबों का शौकीन)
  • Book-maker Writer of books (लेखक)
  • Boom To roar (गरजना )
  • Boon Blessing ( वरदान)
  • Booth Hut (झोपड़ी)
  • Border Side, Limit (किनारा, सीमा)
  • Bore To tire (थकना)
  • Borrow To take on loan (उधार लेना)
  • Bosom-friend Close friend (खास दोस्त)
  • Cab Taxi (किराये की गाड़ी)
  • Cabin Small room (छोटा कमरा)
  • Cabinet Private room (गुप्त कमरा )
  • Cable Strong chain (मजबूत तार)
  • Cadet Military student (सेना का छात्र)
  • Cadre Centre (केन्द्र)
  • Cage Wire-box (पिंजरा)
  • Cajole To cheat by flattery (चापलूसी से ठगना)
  • Calculate To reckon (गणना करना )
  • Calf Young one of cow (बछड़ा)
  • Calibre Ability (योग्यता)
  • Call To summon (बुलाना)
  • Calm Quietness (शांति)
  • Camp Tent (तंबू)

Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning

  • Campaign Organised warfare (नियमित युद्ध)
  • Campus School or college ground (विद्यालय क्षेत्र)
  • Canal Man-made water course (नहर)
  • Cancel To abolish (खत्म करना )
  • Dacoit A member of a robber band (डाकू)
  • Daft Foolish (मूर्ख)
  • Daggle To run through mud and water (कीचड़-पानी में दौड़ना)
  • Dairy A building for keeping milk and cream (दुग्धशाला)
  • Dally To delay (देर करना)
  • Dam Mother of animals (पशुओं की मां)
  • Damage Harm (हानि)
  • Dame A lady (स्त्री)
  • Damp Chill (ठंडक)
  • Dandle To pet (लाड करना)
  • Dandruff Scurf on the head (रूसी)
  • Danger Liability to harm ( भय)
  • Dazzle To surprise (चकित करना)
  • Dealer A trader (व्यापारी)
  • Dear Beloved (प्रिय)
  • Dearth Scarcity of food (कमी)

Content Of Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF

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